Who is WV Shred Guy Shredding in Salem?!?

Your Trusted and Local Solution

Growing up in the Willamette Valley, working in the industry and in professional fields for many years, we knew how hard it was to find good and affordable services - that is our mission, to provide these services without billing confusion, hidden fees and impersonal/impractical policies or practices of larger companies. 

Our fees are not low because we cut corners, not because we are less secure, our fees are low because our business is family owned and local which allows us to charge what is fair. As an Owner-Operator company, your security is in our hands every time. Involved in all the day-to-day work, we know what service is being provided to our clients and truly care about our security and the name of WV Shred Guy.  


We don't need to charge more because of our certifications - that's our job to be fully compliant, to protect you and your information, every single time - not your fee! Never extra fees. We only charge for the services we provide and you will always know, up front, what those are. 

We provide Shredding in Salem and approximately 70 miles around, at no charge to you for our travel. 

Fully Compliant

WV Shred Guy is fully compliant, federal, state, HIPAA, following all industry standards (NAID trained) and ensure that we follow the Oregon State Archivist guidelines for destruction. In addition, our company is AAA Certified by the NAID, which is the National Association of Information Destruction.   Chain of Custody is always top priority. Others may say a camera doesn't mean security, but what is more secure than trusting your own eyes and seeing your documents shredded? 

We are fully protected from breaches and insured. Unlike other companies, we can also offer you ultra high secure shredding; if this is something you need, just ask us about it.  This is an industry standard and we just ensure we keep up all the changing standards.